December Workout Challenge

Is the colder weather and shorter days cramping your style? Are you busy with the holidays and finding it hard to find the time to workout? Are you just getting started and need to start small? Or, are you just looking for something new to try out?

Well, look no further. This December, we are challenging you to be active for 31 days with these suggested short and beneficial workouts! These workouts are designed to start easy and build throughout the month. If you’re an avid athlete, you can build these into your current routine. If you’re just getting started, these can help you get in to a daily routine so you can be ready to start the new year with ease!

The picture attached here displays the month layout but we will also be posting the workouts daily on Facebook and Instagram.

Please ensure you are in good health prior to starting these workouts. If you are injured, please take care of yourself and get healthy first. If you need guidance understanding any of the workouts or have questions, we are here to help you. Contact any of the coaches or email

As a bonus, if you post an update or a picture on our facebook (@orbitalendurance) or instagram (@orbitalendurance) pages every day, we will reward you with a chance to win a nifty travel mug!

Best of luck! Have fun!