Three Cheers for the New Year!


As the year draws to a close, it is great to reminisce about the accomplishments and memories of the past year. 2018 was a fabulous inaugural year for Orbital Endurance. We had tons of first time athletes and podium finishes. We enjoyed working with all our athletes and building relationships in the community. Thank you for all that you have provided us!

As we look forward to the new year, we are setting our sights on providing even more opportunities to engage with the community and provide guidance for athletes to challenge themselves and excel. Here is a short list of things to come in the new year:

First Cheer: This year, we will be partnering with Georgia Multisports (GAM). GAM offers 13 local races in Georgia in a wide range of the parks. These races are well known in the community and are well run with support. We encourage first-time triathletes to check out these races. If you are an experienced athlete, there are plenty of challenges and personal accomplishments to be conquered. A favorite feature of these races are the option. Many of the multi-sport races offer different combinations of sports such as the traditional swim-bike-run as well as run-bike-run or swim-bike as well as relays. This flexibility is great for trying something new or easing into the sport.

GA Multisport is partnering with the Museum of Aviation’s marathon, half marathon and 5k on January 19th. Check it out!

Second Cheer: Swim Clinics & indoor triathlon at Concourse Athletic club

Concourse Athletic Club is a fabulous facility in the Dunwoody area with a beautiful outdoor heated pool. They offer a plethora of fitness classes throughout the week. Orbital Endurance will be offering swim clinics and instruction two times early this year. The first session will be on January 26. These clinics will provide instruction for swim forms, coaches on deck for swim assessment and video feedback of your swimming to receive individualized feedback. Look to the Orbital Endurance website and social media for more information to come!  

Third Cheer: Run and Triathlon Clinics at Big Peach Lead by Heather Trainor

Throughout the year, Orbital Endurance will be hosting info sessions at Big Peach Marietta. The topics will include tips for all three sports, how to prepare for a triathlon, tips for improving strength and speed in the sport. We believe these will be beneficial for beginners and experienced athletes. Look to our website for additional information and dates.

The first will be on January 9th and the topic will be timely for setting your new years resolution. Heather will guide you through how to set realistic goals and provide tips for keeping up with your goals. Look to our website for additional details.

Let’s kickoff the new year with three cheers…. SWIM… BIKE… RUN!!! Let’s have some fun! We look forward to seeing you in 2019!