10 Reasons to Train with Orbital Endurance Sports in 2018

1. Create and meet your goals

Each season is an opportunity to gain renewed interest in endurance sports. Renewed motivation sets in and dreams are formulated and start to transition to reality. Orbital Endurance Sports is a group of coaches who are focused on helping to set challenging but realistic goals with their athletes and helping them to achieve those goals through personalized attention and encouragement.

2. Have fun

Achieving goals in and of itself is great, but the journey to achieving these goals should be enjoyable too. There are many un-fun things in life, working towards a personal goal such as your first or fiftieth triathlon or endurance sport shouldn’t be one of them. Sharing your journey with others grows friendships and companionship with those who are with you in the experience. We encourage hard work while having fun!! Afterall, most triathletes aren’t paid to participate in the sport.  

3. Accountability

We have all set goals which have been challenging to achieve without accountability which usually leads to goals not being attained. Interacting at least weekly with our coaches via traditional communication methods and daily through modern technology, you always have access to a system to keep you accountable to your goals and support when you encounter obstacles. The coaching plans are catered to your specific needs and lifestyle.  

4. Encouragement

The support system which will be available to you stretches beyond fun and accountability, you will receive encouragement and comradery with the coaches and other athletes. Training for an endurance sport has its challenges. At Orbital, we will be there to help you through the tough times and enjoy the experience. Athletes will also receive individualized attention from their 1:1 coach who will work with you to create workout plans specific to your physical and logistical needs. This personalize attention helps to avoid injury, keeps you accountable and is flexible to the logistical challenges which is a regular occurrence in life.

5. Support from coach and peers

Our coaches collectively have over 50 years of experience coaching, encouraging and supporting athletes from first timers who are learning the basics to advanced athletes who are highly competitive. Our coaching staff subscribes to the same morals and values of safe sport, but bring their unique backgrounds and experiences to create a well-rounded experience for Orbital Endurance Sports athletes.

6. Identify healthy tips which work for you

Healthy lifestyle is a benefit of the triathlon community. Many things add up to create a successful endurance sports experience – training and preparation, skill and technique and physical and mental strength. But, health, nutrition, lifestyle and other non-training specific factors play into the race day experience and the journey to the start line. Orbital Endurance Sports coaches will help you navigate what works best for you.

7. Physical Benefits

By sticking to a personalized workout plan, you will see benefits beyond achieving your goals, you will increase your fitness, may lose weight and may increase your muscular strength. Generally, this is a big motivator for individuals who choose to participate in endurance sports. Our athletes have achieved goals such as crossing the finish line for the first time, cutting time off of their goals, losing weight and gaining general fitness. Whatever your goal, we are here to help you.

8. Release endorphins – and endorphins make you happy

As Elle Woods taught us in Legally Blonde, people who exercise are happier than those who don’t. Your body releases endorphins which is the chemical which makes you happy. Recently, there are more studies about how regular exercise also helps to reduce anxiety and stress. So why not join a group and help make 2018 happy and less stressful!

9. Avoid injury

The Orbital Endurance Sports coaches are committed to doing their best to help you arrive at the start line and go through the finish line injury free. This takes teamwork and awareness to your body throughout the training season. We will help you to achieve your goals injury free in 2018!

10. Challenge yourself

Why not set your sights on new goals for 2018 and do it with a group who is supportive and shares similar goals with you. Every relationship fulfils different needs in your life. The coach-athlete is a bond which can foster great personal achievement in this world. The athlete-athlete relationship fosters life-long memories and experiences that will take you far in life.

We look forward to having you join our group! Please visit our website (www.orbitalendurance.com), social media (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orbitalendurance/) or contact a coach (orbitalcoaches@orbitalendurance.com) for more information.

John TrainorTraining