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Our Mission...

Is to help our athletes set and achieve goals in a supportive, safe, and enjoyable environment.



- Provide athletes with personalized guidance based on their personal abilities, skills, backgrounds, interests and situations

- Educate athlete and the community about endurance sports and other aspects that contribute to the sport (form and technique, incorporating strength training and cross-training, diet, balance, meditation/visualization, etc.)

- Adapt plans to the needs of each athlete based on methodologies and philosophies best suited to individual athlete.

- Continual collaboration between coaches and athletes to create a open Athletes and coaches will work in a collaborative environment and create a safe, supportive, encouraging and enjoyable community.


Our Values

- Safety is the top priority. Athletes and coaches will maintain a high standard for safety (physical and emotional) to practice the sport effectively.

- Fun. Training and performing shall be enjoyable for the athlete. 

- Listen: Coaches shall listen to the athlete's needs and situations and be able to provide personalized plans to meet those needs and shall be a resource when the athlete needs additional support. 

- Learn: A coach shall teach the athlete the importance of listening to their body and help the athlete learn how to leverage what their body is telling them so they achieve their goals in a safe manner. 

- Teach: Coaches shall teach the athletes about the sport and the philosophy behind their training plans. 

- Balance: Every athlete is balancing training with family, friends, relationships, work and other factors. Coaches shall work with the athletes to help create balance.